About Us

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Hi my name is Patty, and I had never engraved anything in my life the day I bought my first engraving machine! It’s true! I started out completely clueless, but totally determined. Fast forward over 20 years and today we run a thriving shop. What this means for you is our drive and determination to make it work are your ticket to on time & on budget results.

Want to learn more? Have a listen to the Podcast I did with the Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce :)

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This is our Lori Lou! She’s been with us ever since moving the shop to Geneva and she mans the fort while I’m running errands or pushing paper around on my desk :) She loves to help people and is very good at coming up with ideas for you when your stuck about what to get or what to say.

This is Frankie D. our beloved shop kitty & official greeter. He’s a real people lover and likes to get belly rubs & back scratches. He accepts visitors during all business hours :)

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Among other things, I like to dabble in creative things. Painting, Gardening, Sewing ... the list is rather long! This year I’m learning about intuitive painting and digital art and am having a blast. I find that creating in my spare time really helps me get creative at work and our customers love that we can come up with so many ideas for them.

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This is our showroom in Geneva IL. The house is 100 years old and cozy as can be. We love coming to work each day in the comfort of this place. The light streams in the windows and each room is dedicated to the things we do here, like “The Trophy Room” in which we display a wide array of trophy choices.